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Daily Shots
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Our Daily Shots service is designed for the punter who likes to have a few bets all across the country side.

It's selective, affordable and our subscribers love getting their Daily Shots text throughout the week.

"Last year we went on a few insane runs that probably flattered us a bit and built some unrealistic expectations among followers. Unfortunately, that rate (30 odd % on turnover) isn't sustainable over the journey but we are very confident we will stay on the right side of the ledger" Jake Henson said.

Most tips are in Victoria and South Australia with our analyst sometimes dabbling in QLD as well. Almost every Wednesday and Saturday he'll find something, but you can expect tips as often as five or six days a week.

"We had a lean patch in May and early June, partly due to variance and partly on us. July has been much better getting back to basics, staying selective and backing horses at the right prices" Henson added.

More About The Service
Between 75-100 units per month
30-40 bets per month
35% POT in 2015 (July 1st to Dec 31st) when the service was at level stakes
Due to demand from subsribers we introduced units with the tips in late June